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You need to have strong nerves now.  Something we find difficult to say in public: All our customers have a terrible vice …

… they are hooked! We’re the only ones they want. Well, it’s understandable. They want to forget their event problems and – so they say –  they can only do this with us. Sure thing! Once you’ve tasted champagne you can’t go back to sparkling wine. And real champagne is worth every euro! Goes for us too! All our customers know with sleepwalking security: what awaits them is superlative, loving perfection in everything we do for them. Quite simply: Full Service!

No matter how critical a situation you give us, we will take it on with a quick “hallelujah”. We are cool – when we work for our customers, so cool it could almost get on one’s nerves. How do we do it? We have 25 years’ experience under our belt, and we are still going strong. What’s your choice of location? So what’s new! We know it …  every socket in the wall, switch, EDP and electrical connection.

So what about it? We could suggest the location that best suits your event, and then we will get going. Success is then guaranteed. For you!