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About us

Congresses, concerts, trade fairs, annual general meetings, seminars: for a quarter of a century and more we have been serving our customers in Germany and all over the world with our events technology, and our general package of services for events of any size and dimension. Our full service always starts with you and the process of budget-oriented event planning. Our prudent event support is unceasing until you are satisfied and the location has been restored to its original state. Our experience, gathered over many years, means that we know countless locations through and through, in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and spanning the globe. Our more than 70 creative, multilingual employees will build whatever you need with huge commitment and then take it down again. Our motto:  helpful, polite, and always with a healthy dollop of humour.  If you like, we can also be at hand to advise you purely in the capacity of an event consultant.

You can hire conference technology and equipment from us as well. We have more than 6,000 technical products, which guarantees that you will find everything you need for your event. We haven’t attached a price list because of the sheer volume of products. Please just give us a call. We can give you advice, and you will get to know us at the same time. See you!