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You need to have strong nerves now.  Something we find difficult to say in public: All our customers have a terrible vice…


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Lisbon. A top event in a class of its own!  500 participants! All-pervasive melancholy Fado atmosphere. A potential flop…


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Who says something so frightfully wonderful about us? Who benefits from these revelations? Wrong this time! No, not us but…


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Do take a little time to google “partner”! Oops, 1.5 billion hits? A horribly overused word. And then we appear and fill…



“Did you hear what I said?”, yells the father at his pubescent son. “Hear? That’s not a word in his vocabulary”, shrieks…


What is a sight worth seeing? Well, this is something “worth seeing”, like Florida’s upsidedown Wonderworks buildings or…


He feels her soft hand on his hirsute back, smooth, tender and gentle, caressing him pleasantly all over.  He presses his…

Mediatec Gallery:

Galleries have helped all the Picassos, van Goghs and Matisses of this world to make something of themselves. Okay, these guys used paint as their artistic medium. Now photography has also evolved into an art form itself.  This is why we at Mediatec use a smartphone for our exhibition pieces instead of a paintbrush. Or, if it’s lying around to hand, a camera. As somebody said, it’s not the camera but the man – or woman – behind it. And as we always do superb work behind the scenes, our photographs are also absolutely top-notch!

As we all know, buying a pretty photographic work of art is no longer a question of simply paying it out of petty cash, not for a long time now. Deep furrows are lining your brow because you have clicked here? Don’t worry: Viewing our exhibition, which changes frequently, is free of charge. In fact, it doesn’t cost thing, not even your time. Our topics? Ten cherrypicked motifs from our events – gripping, fascinating and funny. What up and coming? Mediatec in the ten largest euro zone cities, Mediatec’s artistic light and shadow effects, This is how Mediatec boss’ “right-hand” people work … the respective vernissages will always be announced here on our homepage . So, please just pay us a visit now and again! You won’t regret it!