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Mediatec Munich seeing

What is a sight worth seeing? Well, this is something “worth seeing”, like Florida’s upsidedown Wonderworks buildings or …

the curious behaviour of female spiders after mating. Not something that inspires you? Well, what about this: alongside sights worth seeing in this world there is the extraordinary. Who’s to tell us what’s extraordinary? Our customers, naturally, in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, and elsewhere.

They are the ones who say what is worth seeing, for themselves and their target groups. Take, for instance, the stages we build for them. Did you know that you can already see our stages before they are built? Surprise supreme?  Well, we have a small piece of software which does us well here. First we develop our idea, scribble it down on a scrap of paper, and then, in the blink of an eye, you will see the way your stage will look on the screen. A huge contributor to visual aesthetics are also our lighting design and our stage lighting –  actually, let’s say it the way it is: our whole show technology, each and every bit of it.

Irresistible crème de la crème LED technology,  unique and colourful lighting effects. A virtuoso range of colours to dazzle and enchant your eyes. Also quite an unusual feat – the way we camouflage the spaghetti of cables and the PCs. You don’t see nuffink? That’s the point! That’s the way it should be: physical technology is not worth seeing. We make it invisible. And what do we have in the end? Your impact – made visual and worth seeing!

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