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Mediatec Munich Hearing

“Did you hear what I said?”, yells the father at his pubescent son. “Hear? That’s not a word in his vocabulary”, shrieks …

… his mother, swaying unsteadily on her feet, on the edge of a nervous breakdown. This biting “did-you-hear-what-I-said” reproof from our parents in the seemingly interminable years of teenagehood is an experience that most of us have had. Not exactly a feast for the ears.

A stark contrast to concerts where we do the sound. No earplugs are needed there to get home with your hearing safely intact. Our sound systems are perfectly calibrated and designed to delight the audience’s ear, like the chocolate sprinkling adorning your holiday cappuccino.

Unless,  of course, you insist on taxing the eardrums of your target audience with a disco system. Lots of noise with squeaking screeches … a real bad trip! Mediatec’s sound, however, is art, the art of setting it up for all types of ears. Our sound systems could even be adjusted for a small cicada concert, with mosquitoes and flies as the audience.  Cicadas? What on earth …? These are creatures with ears on their legs, while their audience has theirs on their feelers!!

This is where tuning loud speakers and subwoofers could qualify for a Nobel prize. And check out our simultaneous interpreting technology. The Tower of Babel would have made it a real hit. It would have made clean sense of the excruciating hullabaloo, with its confusion of tongues. We can fix it! Want to bet?