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Do take a little time to google “partner”! Oops, 1.5 billion hits? A horribly overused word. And then we appear and fill …

… this much-abused and ubiquitous word now with  arguments that carry weight. Completely understandable. Spotlight on the spouse, one’s “partner in life”: He is devoted to her. Well, shit happens, sometimes not punctual. Not with us! Camera switches to the financial institutions: Every bank is your partner for life … as long as you’re bringing in the money.

But just ask them for something – oh dear, that’s when it gets complicated. With us it’s never complicated! Talking about banks: with a real partnership, it should be a bit like a bank robbery.

You need the right accomplices ’cause otherwise it won’t work. This is how a Mediatec AV partnership works! We have exactly the same goal as you. Please note: exactly. Not similar, which would have been close but ultimately wide of the mark. You want a top AV-crafted event? Look no further: we have everything at our fingertips.

More than 70 top professionals with years of experience, a creative AV concept for events of all sizes and 6,000 (in words: six thousand) devices for lighting, media technology, wide screen projection, and naturally LED spotlights, sound sys… oh, the list is getting boring?! Well, we agree. Just one thing more: There are not many players who have as sound a footing as we do. We offer you an end-to-end AV repertoire. Anywhere in the world.