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Mediatec Munich Feeling

He feels her soft hand on his hirsute back, smooth, tender and gentle, caressing him pleasantly all over.  He presses his …

… large paws …  first one, then the other on her thighs. This makes his little kitty heart beat with content, a feeeeeeling that has him purring. Feeling – like a whisper of a summer breeze on the cheeks. Love, desire, jealousy: wonderful feelings, all of them. Sadly not ones we can easily explain – but we know what they are because we feel them so acutely.

I feel, therefore I am! What do our customers feel when they hire our event technology? Well, they are over the moon because everything is right. What do our customers feel when we work for them? Well looked after and in good hands. What do our customers feel when they look at our events? Without a blush, they say they feel the great atmosphere. All of them! They are crazy about us, addicted to our every word – sorry, to our work.

At our end it has to be said, feelings of this kind are reciprocated – on an equally intense level: We love our customers. There’s not much we wouldn’t do for them, and we trust them. Completely! This is why we lend them whatever they need: projectors, plasma screens, LCD displays, media and wireless technology, even global trusses.

With us, it’s always about feelings despite (or maybe because of?!) all the technical equipment. By the way: These days, it’s only the courageous who permit themselves feelings: our customers … and ourselves!

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